Instructor Skills Blog Post: J2150

1st place story

Bryan Cereijo complied an impactful photo sequence that used storytelling elements. His sequence revolved around Marshall Reeves, a biker who was biking the hardest race to raise money for cancer research. The conflict and tension arrive when we learn it is the hardest race to bike. Cereijo does a great job at building the tension by explaining the mountains he bikes up and how the bikers struggle with a lack of oxygen. His use of data- 10,857 feet climb up the mountain- makes an appeal to ethos. Cereijo focuses on Reeves, but also highlights his six-man team.

Cereilo’s portrait of Reeves, the 9th picture, uses the rule of thirds and depth of fields to accent Reeve’s smiling expression. The first picture in his sequence is an engaging wide shot that introduces Reeve and his mission, while giving context to the story. His second shot is a medium shot that offers a unique perspective and focus. We can see the tension in his leg muscles as he pedals uphill.
If I were photographing this story, I would fight some additional tighter tight shots to focus on detail. Overall, his sequence was outstanding.

Cereijo submitted another successful photo sequence. His sequence follows Felix Antonio Salazar Menendez, a popular baseball fan. His first photo is a portrait that features Menendez as he is laughing. He is wearing a Dodgers jersey. There is a nice contrast in color with the teal background that emphasizes Menendez. Throughout Cereijo’s sequence, Menendez becomes a compelling central character. His second photo is a wide shot that uses leading lines to draw attention to Menendez in his neighborhood. This photo puts the story in Menendez’ life. Cereijo incorporates multiple viewpoints by highlighting community members that are attending a meeting to discuss baseball, as with his third and fourth video. Tension and conflict are created by Cereijo’s ninth photo because we never know if he wins the domino game. His techniques are effective in engaging the audience’s attention. If I were the photographer, I would add some data or expert testimony to add another layer to his sequence. For example, how common baseball fans like Menendez are.


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