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On Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017, President Trump spoke at a rally in Florida. During this rally, he listed countries that have accepted refugees in great numbers that have had terror attacks. He included Sweden, saying, “Look at what is happening last night in Sweden. They took in large numbers. They are having problems like they never thought possible.” Washington Post wrote an article over this comment. There is some truth in his statement. Sweden took in the most refugees per capita out of all European countries at the height of the migrant influx in 2015. However, Sweden had nothing happen that Friday night. The headline from Friday night was about Melfest, a musical competition.

Washington Post incorporated different sources to create a compelling story. The first source Washington Post uses is a tweet from the @sweden Twitter account.


Sweden’s national Twitter is ran by a different Swedish citizen each week. This week, it was a librarian named Emma. She tweeted, after the influx of tweets @her explaining that nothing happened in Sweden. Emma became a slight internet sensation for how she handled Trump’s false statement, so incorporating her voice at the beginning engages readers from a personal connection with her on Twitter.

Washington then provides a video clip of Trump’s speech where he talked about the Sweden.


The video provides some context surrounding his statement. Including this clip is essential background information for the readers to understand the situation.

Washington Post incorporates sources from current and previous governmental officials as well as common citizens. This gives voice to the story.


Washington Post used a quote from a spokeswoman for the Swedish Foreign Ministry as well as a tweet from the Embassy of Sweden US.


Washington Post used tweets from former Swedish prime ministers Carl Bildt and Alexander Stubb.



The Washington Post writer Rick Noack, gathered his sources from Twitter and embedded them into his article. Additionally, he used quotes from other publications such as the Associated Press or his speech. The sources are reliable because they show how the general Swedish population reacted. Noack did a good job in providing a range of sources from normal citizens to officials, from women to men.

Article link:

[Featured Image by Chris O’Meara/AP Images]


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