Reflection on Q&A with Gloria Steinem: J2150 Blog Post 7

The objective of the interview was to give the reader a look at the life of Gloria Steinem. The questions the reporter, Rosanna Greenstreet, asked allowed Steinem to ponder various events and thoughts she has. The order Greenstreet asks the questions was a bit surprising. One would expect Greenstreet to start with more shallow questions. However, she asks what Steinem’s greatest fear is. Greenstreet was not concerned with the surface- level questions because those are overdone. She wanted to really get a look at Steinem on a personal level. I think she starts with a more serious question as well to grab the readers’ attention. Later in the interview, Greenstreet asks more goofy questions such as Steinem’s favorite smell and word. The difference is these are more off-the-beaten-path type questions. I believe that Greenstreet was informed when she was conducting the interview. It is apparent she did her research for two reasons. First, Greenstreet begins the question and answer article with an overview of Steinem’s life. Greenstreet explains that Steinem is a popular political activist and feminist organizer that has written many books, a documentary and founded Ms magazine. Second, Greenstreet asked questions that are not common. To do so, she would have needed to do research on what is already known of Steinem. If I was conducting the interview, I would have asked some additional questions that would lead Steinem to explain why she does what she does and what her inspiration has been. There were a few of her responses that I think deserved a follow- up question. For example, when Steinem tells the story of the expensive boots, she does not mention how much they cost or if she even wore them ever. I would have asked her more on the two old lovers she behaved poorly with, being a Playboy Bunny for an exposé, and why she went to two Soviet-era communist youth. Additionally, I would have asked if she misses having an active sex life as well, what battling cancer three times was like, and how she felt when she found out she had cancer for the third time. Finally, I would have asked what she wants her greatest achievement to be. Interviewing Steinem is a newsworthy person because she is a face for the feminist movement. This article was published the Saturday before International Women’s Day which saw protests for women’s rights as well.


Article referenced:


Photo credit: Christopher Lane for the Guardian


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