Reflection on Skills: J2150 Blog Post 10

At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t know what ISO or shutter speed was, how to make a sequence, or what a zoom recorder is. Now, I can take photos on the manual setting, make videos with tight shot filled sequence shots and record crisp audio. It is hard to say what I am strongest in, since the teachers’ grading styles differ. I felt photography was the most challenging to figure the technique out, video was the hardest to edit, and audio was the simplest. I think I need to improve my video skills further, but overall, I could improve greatly in each skill. I think I need to work on creating relationships with Columbians that are not affiliated with Mizzou. I need to become a quicker editor. I don’t really know if it is possible to master that in the time of the rest of the course, but I think practice is the key. Knowing where I want the story to go before I conduct the interview and conducting quicker interviews will make the editing process a litter shorter. Additionally, being intentional on what b-roll I want to use for my videos. As I prepare to start my final project, I have been assigned the audio story for my group. I am excited to produce the audio story because it is simple to do. I enjoy the creativity of adding the natural sounds and picking what the important things the listener to hear. I am also looking forward to helping my partners edit the video and pictures. Helping them edit will give me additional practice in editing, which will help me reduce my editing time. I will be able to work on sequencing and avoiding jump cuts. My favorite part about the final assignment is that we will be combining multiple mediums to tell a story.


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